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RapidSolarĀ  Charge Controllers

Deliver 3X- 4X more power to batteries than with any MPPT or PWM controller

Performance comparison of RapidSolar Charge Controller with that of the market leading MPPT charge controller

Performance comparison of RapidSolar Charge Controller with that of the market leading MPPT charge controller


  • Reduce the number of Solar Panels by 3X - 4X

  • Reduce the number of Charge Controllers by 3X - 4X

  • Dramatically reduce the cost, size, and weight of a solar power system

  • Ideal for use by any solar system that uses batteries for energy storage

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Ideal for all solar systems that use batteries -- Product Details

including home power generation, RVs, boats, commercial and industrial systems

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RapidSolar Charge Controllers are a set of super solar charge controllers. A super charge controller delivers 3X-4X more power to a battery than is otherwise possible with any other type of charge controller in a given time. These other types of solar charge controllers include MPPT based solar charge controllers as well as PWM type of solar charge controllers. This means that a RapidSolar charge controller can charge a battery 3X-4X faster than any other PWM or MPPT based solar charge controller. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of solar panels by 3X-4X if you use a RapidSolar Charge Controller to charge a battery in same time as it would take 3-4 panels and 3-4 PWM or MPPT based solar charge controllers to the charge the battery. This dramatically reduces the cost, weight and size of a solar system because of the large reduction in the numbers of solar panels and solar charge controllers.


Currently, only one product is out for sale on this website. This product has a Model Number P100-B12-1. This model is optimized to work with 80-100 watts solar panel and 12v battery. The 12v battery can be of any type of rechargeable battery including Lead Acid 12v batteries and Li-Ion 12v batteries. For convenience, this model comes with built-in controls which completely automate the operation of these controllers and associated solar systems.

Very soon, new Models of RapidSolar Charge Controller will be introduced in the market, which will be optimized to work with 80-100 watts solar panels and 24v, 36v and 48v batteries. These new models of RapidSolar Charge controller for 24v, 36v and 48v batteries will include controls for full automated operations.