RapidSolar Charge Controller Model P100-B12-1

RapidSolar Charge Controller Model P100-B12-1

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This is a super solar charge controller which delivers 3X more power to 12 volts batteries than is possible with any other PWM or MPPT solar charge controller. This model is optimized for a 100 watt solar panel. This charge controller is easy to set-up and operate because controls are built-in for automatic shut-off when the battery reaches the full charge and automatic re-start when the battery voltage falls below 12.3 volts.

Features & Ratings:

  • Charges 3-4 12volt batteries instead of one in a given time or charges a 3X-4X larger battery in the same time

  • Automatic turn-off when the battery is fully charged (~13.0 volts)

  • Automatic re-start at reaching a low voltage (~12.0 volts)

  • Charging indicator light (LED)

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Utilizes the new, patented power extraction set of technologies called PXtractor

  • New, more efficient constant-power charging algorithm

  • Reduces the entire solar system's cost, size and weight

  • Verified effective by independent, third party


  • Dramatically reduces the time to charge a battery or charges 3X-4X larger battery

  • Automatic operation with built-in controls

  • Eliminates the need for expensive electronics such as MPPT and PWM charge controllers

  • Reduces installation costs by reducing the number of solar panels required for a given power need

  • Reduces overall cost, weight and size of the solar power system


  • All solar power systems which use storage (batteries). These include residential, commercial/industrial and utility-scale solar power systems

  • Solar power systems for RVs, boats, golf carts and carports

  • Cell-phone tower back-up power systems

  • Any other battery system that uses batteries for energy storage

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